Carlos Zetina
Polytechnique Montreal
Local AA-5513


Journal papers

C. A. Zetina, I. Contreras, J-F Cordeau, 2019. Profit-oriented fixed-charge network design with elastic demand. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, Volume 127, Pages 1-19.


C. Armando Zetina, I. Contreras, J-F Cordeau, 2019. Exact algorithms based on Benders decomposition for multicommodity uncapacitated fixed-charge network design. Computers & Operations Research, Volume 111, Pages 311-324.

C.A. Zetina, I. Contreras, E. Fernández, C. Luna-Mota, 2019. Solving the Optimum Communication Spanning Tree Problem. European Journal of Operational Research, 273 (1), 108-117, 2019.

C.A. Zetina, I. Contreras, J.F. Cordeau, E. Nikbakhsh, 2017. Robust Uncapacitated Hub Location. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 106, 393-410, 2017

J.E. Martinez-Legaz, M.I. Todorov, C.A. Zetina, 2014. Gamma Active Constraints in Convex Semi-Infinite Programming, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 35 , Issue 7-9, 1078-1094, 2014

J.A. Diaz, D.E. Luna, C.A. Zetina, 2013. A Hybrid Algorithm for the Manufacturing Cell Formation Problem. Journal of Heuristics , 19 Issue 1 , 77-96, 2013

Working papers

C.A. Zetina, I. Contreras, J.F. Cordeau, 2018. Profit-Oriented Network Design with Elastic Demand.

C.A. Zetina, I. Contreras, J.F. Cordeau, 2018. Exact Algorithms for the Multicommodity Uncapacitated Fixed-charge Network Design Problem.